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Marriage Repair Center
We've got the tools
About Us
Meet the Crew
This is the place you need to...

Fix your Relationship,
Quit the Arguing,
Mend your Heartache
Stop Your Divorce NOW!

We've been through it.
We're not a Doctor that's never been through a crisis.
We weren't in perfect marriages
that lasted 35 years without incident.

We've actually been
where you are today

and lived to tell about it.
We remember how ALONE we felt during this time.
We've bored our friends with all the heartache...over....and over...and over.
(and they made it clear they didn't want to listen)
We read every self help book in the library, (well, it felt like it) We went to counselors (some VERY weird ones)
figured out what worked and what didn't. Some of our staff remained married. Others divorced
(after the husband came back she decided to tell him to "take a hike")
...or something like that.
We learned WHERE we went wrong.
We learned what worked
If divorce is your choice - we can help with that as well.
We prefer to help save your relationship.

Bottom line - is we're here for you.

When your friends are bored of hearing about it. We'll listen.
If you get frustrated - we'll help.
If you get discouraged - we'll boost you up.

Even if They've ALREADY filed.
Really ~ It's not too late.
There is hope.

By implementing our easy-to-follow
step-by-step format, you CAN stop your divorce and fix your relationship. We've helped many couples through the hard times. Even affairs.
It's hard, but not impossible.
Let us help.
Marriage Repair Center is constructed of a network of real people.
We've been married. We've been divorced.
We've been to counselors...some of them are VERY strange. Others couldn't help if they wanted to. (One had an affair with my husband).
"How does that make me feel?"
These counselors didn't help.
All of it was a waste of time and money.
We looked elsewhere. We've sifted through the quality and the junk. We've taken the time to do the research - and test the products. We discovered that we weren't the only ones going through this - our knowledge was becoming increasingly popular. So, starting from the home office in California, the Marriage Repair Center first supplied information to local churches, neighbors, friends and THEIR friends. Demand soon outstripped supply. (of time and paper) So we decided to enter the 21st century and get a Website! Now, The Marriage Repair Center helps people all over the world. We found the best tactics and methods that worked for regular people and wrote a book! We also incorporated it into a website where we can be reached - because nobody should have to do this alone.

Stop Your Divorce
Survive An Affair
Life After Divorce
Re-Igniting The Spark
Why Relationships End
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