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The Marriage Repair Center e-book is the fastest way to start saving your marriage. Due to the stress of the economy, we have lowered the price of the e-book. Included in the $49.95 price you'll receive an immediate download of the book plus you'll get four, one-half hour phone consultations and unlimited e-mail support. The e-mail support is always free, but after the initial two hours we'll charge you $150.00 an hour by the minute. We won't round up and gouge you for an hour when we only talked for 44 minutes. We understand that this is a very stressful time for everybody. Please don't let it take it's toll on your relationship.

This file is offered in .pdf or .doc If you are unable to open it we can also send it in other formats upon request via e-mail.

Download our Step by Step guide designed to help you Repair Your Marriage.
An e-book of our tried and proven methods,
Learn these techniques, use these techniques and repair your relationship.
It is a simple method. You can learn it in a day.
It is a difficult method. It will go against what you want to do and what you've been taught to do your whole life.
But keep in mind.
What you've been doing so far might not be working out very well.
When you purchase our book, you're putting your faith in us.
We won't let you down.

We can't guarantee that our methods will work 100% every time, sometimes the repair attempt starts too late and the damage is too great. But if you trust us and do what we tell you to do your chances increase 100%! What we can guarantee is that we will dedicate ourselves 100% to help you through this.

We can also guarantee that we will be here to help you re-learn these new behaviors. We will be here through the tough times. The times you want to shout "What about ME??"
You aren't in this alone. We will be in this with you the whole way.
As a coach, as a mentor, as a friend.

The e-book is composed of very effective methods for repairing your marriage. We researched and tested. This is what we discovered to be the fastest way to stop a divorce and save your marriage.

Whatever you call it - it works like magic!
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We suggest you download the e-book
to begin saving your marriage immediately, but we know that every situation isn't the same so we are available for questions and coaching via e-mail or telephone.
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