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Spot a Cheating Spouse
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Spot a Cheating Spouse -

If you suspect your spouse is having an affair, you don't have to just quietly can watch for the many signs that a cheating spouse may show.
The following is a list of some of the things an adulterer may do when having an affair. Keep in mind that some of these ways may not be guaranteed indicators that your spouse is cheating but they are certainly things that raise red flags, making you aware of potential problems.

Arguments – Often, you will notice that a cheating spouse will start a fight so They have an excuse to leave the house. This provides an opportunity for the them to meet up with their lover. In addition to their being able to make a dramatic exit - their having to leave is now "Your Fault".
When it's "Your Fault" - it appeases their guilt.

Overtime – Overtime is something that is required from time to time, but if you notice a sudden increase of overtime, this could be a sign of a new love interest. To verify, check your spouse’s paycheck to see if overtime is being paid. Keep in mind - if they DO work an excessive amount of overtime - it has been known to bump people into the next tax bracket and they actually bring home LESS money. Check the before taxes amount.

Change in Work Hours – Often, a husband or wife will begin to go into work earlier or leave later than usual. The “free” hours might be used to spend with a lover.

Missing Time – If you discover your spouse is not where he or she is supposed to be, then something may be going on. For example, if your spouse has unaccountable hours between meetings or needs to take off on the weekend for some type of “business trip", red flags should be raised.

Working Out - If your spouse suddenly starts working out, wanting to lose weight, tone up, or get in shape, very often this is a sign of an affair.

Leaving The House - Going for walks (to make phone calls?) Walking early in the morning or late at night - when you're still asleep or can't stay awake another moment. Or if they have to (or volunteer to) "run to the store" for something, when they have never volunteered before.

Mileage – If you suspect your spouse of cheating, start logging the odometer on the car. You can easily determine the approximate number of miles he or she drives daily and then if you find the car is being driven more - you may want to find out where your spouse is going.

Internet and E-Mail – If you find your spouse begins spending more and more time on the computer, often late at night or early in the morning, it's possible that they are communicating with someone behind your back. Sometimes, this type of communication starts out innocently, just a little flirting, but unfortunately, it often turns quickly from fantasy to reality.
Restlessness – A happy and content spouse enjoys spending time with his or her partner at home. However, when a husband or wife becomes restless and it seems difficult for them simply to sit back to enjoy the family then you should be questioning why.
New Friends – When a person gets involved in an affair, he or she often develops new friends associated with the lover. If you find your spouse is avoiding old friends (often caused by guilt) and starting to make new ones, it could be for this very reason.

Fragrances – It could be a red flag if you notice a scent other than what you or your spouse would normally wear. (It could be coming from another person). If your spouse has freshly showered before coming home or if they try a new cologne are also warning signs.
Hidden Bills and Statements – There is no reason for telephone, cell phone, or credit card bills and/or statements to be hidden. If you notice they are no longer being sent to the house, it could be that information is being kept from you for a reason.

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